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Mountain Meadows Juliette   (Julie)

AMHR/ASPC   2016

AMHA candidate in 2021 if she stays an under, which at this point (October 2016) it looks like she will mature around 32" or less.

Sire:  Sundance LB Minute Man (sired by Sundance LB Brightly Attired)

Dam:  KNB Shez Goin Bright Gold (sired by Sundance LB Brightly Attired)

Pretty little Juliette is going to be small.. her canon is only 7.75 making her an excellent candidate to hardship into AMHA. A color breeders dream filly, Juliette has been lab tested and is a maximum sabino overo, homozygous sabino, 1 copy splash SW1, negative tobiano, non-agouti,  homozygous for black, carrying 1 copy creme, technically she is capable of producing lots of black or buckskin pinto. Juliette's pedigree is also fabulous...line bred on Sundance LB Brightly Attired who is the grandsire to multiple World and National Champions and GRAND Champions....she is also carrying lots of Van Lo and Masters in her pedigree. Terrific Arenosa bloodlines.   Little Juliette is as sweet as they come with a fiesty edge that gives her a ton of expression and fancy fancy movement.  

Thank you, Thank you Stacey & Guy for allowing us to bring this bundle of "color" to Montana and into our breeding program.

 B Springhills Mystiques Sugar Girl


Beautiful bay mare.


31 1/2"   AMHA/AMHR  (Parent Qualified)

DOB: 4/4/2009

Sire: Hunt House Farms Medalion (now residing in Europe)

Dam: B Springhills Sugar Boys Mystique

Danni has been exposed to Maple Hollows Let Freedom Ring for 2017.

Thank you Connie Hicks for offering us this great little mare.  

DTA Ringers Painted Warrior    DOB:  May 2, 2017

Sire:  Maple Hollows Let Freedom Ring
Dam:  B Springhills Mistiques Sugar Baby

Will mature small.  Estimated around 30"

Warrior is SOLD


AMHA/AMHR (Parent Qualified)

2009, 30.75” beautiful buckskin mare. 


Her sire is Ten L Echos Captive Spirit (Little Kings Buck Echo x Honey Acres Honeysuckle Rose).  Her dam is a beautiful little mare named Cinnamons Nutmeg.  Lots of small horses in Tinkerbell’s background.

In 2017 Tinkerbell will be bred to 'Ringer' Maple Hollows Let Freedom Ring for a small colorful foal.


Tinkerbell foaled a tiny bay colt on April 28, 2016.    Toy Boy is staying here to be a candidate as a future herd sire.

"Triple K BTU Blondie By Joker"  AMHA/AMHR  (Parent Qualified)

32 1/2"            DOB:  2011


Sired by Ravenwood Medalion No Laffin Matter

(aka:  Joker) 2x World Reserve Champion 

Dam is KMA Miss Belingo BTU Buckeroo who was sired by the world famous "BTU".  AND, whose dam is a direct daughter of the famous Little Kings Buck Echo.  You Buckeroo fans know who they are.  National Champion & World Champion.


Blondie is a GOLDEN palomino. 


Our first "Joker" filly.  A dream come true.  Check out her page on this site for her numerous wins. 

Blondie has earned her HOF in halter.  Way to go Blondie.  So have enjoyed watching this girl show.

Blondie began her broodmare career in 2016 and foaled a gorgeous tovero colt sired by Ringer.  She is bred to Ringer, (Maple Hollows Let Freedom Ring) for 2018.





WF Pattons So Excited AMHA  (Parent Qualified)

Double Trees Pattons So Excited AMHR

DOB: 2000  Silver Smokey Black       31 1/2"

Sarah  is sired by Glenns General Patton and a  wonderful  producer.

Sarah has been exposed to Maple Hollows Let Freedom Ring for a 2018 foal.


Double Trees Sheza Remarkable Pixie  (AMHR)

DTA Sheza Remarkable Pixie (AMHA)

(Black pinto (tested 11/15) LWO+  w/gray gene & GORGEOUS blue eyes) 3/31/2009      33"

Sire: LaVista He's The Remarkable Man (grandson of Rowdy) Unbeaten in his single show year.

Dam: RSB Sparklin Smoke (beautiful gray granddaughter of Egyptian King) She has 46 HOF points. In 2001 she was Reserve All Star 2 year old mares)

National 2009 All Stars- Pixie is Reserve Champion in Mare Foal of Current Year-30" and under.

Pixie has a fantastic trot.  Looks beautiful in a liberty class, too. Pixie is a GREAT youth mare. She has been shown by 6-15 year olds in both 4-H and sanctioned shows. 

Pixie foaled a beautiful little red dun pinto filly sired by Little Kings Shambuca Buckeroo in 2015 and has been exposed to Triple K Jokers MR Perfect for a 2017 foal. 



Pedigree for Double Trees Sheza Remarkable Pixie     LWO Positive
Black pinto/graying gene         33"

LaVista Hes The Remarkable Man (32")
NFCs Remarkable Rowdy (30 1/4")
Rowdy (34")
Kobecks Velvet Lady (30 1/2")
Roys Toys Snippets Valentina (31")
Bond Snippet
(32 1/2")
High Hopes Brandee
RSB Sparklin Smoke (33 3/4")
Solid Gold Ima King (31 3/4")
Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King
(31 1/4")
High Hopes Indian Summer (32")
Solid Gold Splash (32 1/2")
Flying M Cowboy (31")
TSE Morning Dove

Our "keeper" filly of 2017

DTA Misters Sheza Perfect Lass

AMHA/AMHR   DOB:  4/2017

Sire:  Triple K Jokers MR Perfect

Dam:  Double Trees Sheza Remarkable Pixie (AMHR)

           DTA Sheza Remarkable Pixie  (AMHA)