Breeding for quality miniature horses


Our New Barn

We will no longer need to solely use our old hayshed which was built in the 70's.  Later we converted the hay shed into our sheep shed with portable lambing pens and then when we started in the miniature horses we built 2 stalls in one end of the barn and 2 more stalls under the loafing shed.

September 2007                     Poles are set

                                                    Concrete is poured


Rafters are up

October 2007

After contractor problems we are now hoping for a completion of the project.

The siding is on!


The exterior is finished except for the stall doors.  Now for the inside!



Barn Interior-2008

Finally we can see some progress!

Concrete aisle and tackroom floor.

Grandkids handprints & names in the concrete. 


Stalls are being built.




Barn exterior and interior Fall 2009

At last it seems reality!

Only a few more finishing touches.


And a round corral right out the "back door".  What more could we want?