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Graces GQs Winnie  AMHR/ASPC  Foundation Certified.

DOB: 2017

Sire:  Sundance LB GQ

Dam:  Firefalls Walkers She's All That

Winnie is coming 2 and will be on our show string in 2019.

Thank you Rachel Gano.  Jac needed another mare.  Winnie will be bred in 2020.

Mountain Meadows Juliette   (Julie)

AMHR/ASPC   2016

AMHA candidate in 2021 if she stays an under, which at this point (October 2016) it looks like she will mature around 33" or less.

Sire:  Sundance LB Minute Man (sired by Sundance LB Brightly Attired)

Dam:  KNB Shez Goin Bright Gold (sired by Sundance LB Brightly Attired)

Pretty little Juliette is going to be small.. her canon is only 7.75 making her an excellent candidate to hardship into AMHA. A color breeders dream filly, Juliette has been lab tested and is a maximum sabino overo, homozygous sabino, 1 copy splash SW1, negative tobiano, non-agouti,  homozygous for black, carrying 1 copy creme, technically she is capable of producing lots of black or buckskin pinto. Juliette's pedigree is also fabulous...line bred on Sundance LB Brightly Attired who is the grandsire to multiple World and National Champions and GRAND Champions....she is also carrying lots of Van Lo and Masters in her pedigree. Terrific Arenosa bloodlines.   Little Juliette is as sweet as they come with a fiesty edge that gives her a ton of expression and fancy fancy movement.  

Thank you, Thank you Stacey & Guy for allowing us to bring this bundle of "color" to Montana and into our breeding program.

Juliette will be exposed to DTA Misters Perfect Toy Boy in 2019.


HLR GQs Pink Champagne on Ice (Pink)  AMHR/ASPC


Sire:  Sundance LB GQ   (Arenosa bred with a long show history of Supreme & Grand Championship wins. 

National Top 10 & HOF Halter


Dam:  Van Lo's Supreme Example- (Producer of National Top 10's , Grand Champions and Supreme Champions)

Sabino mare


DOB:  2011  37 1/2" October 2014


Maximum Expression Sabino


Pink has been tested and is  LWO negative.

Pink will be bred to Ten Ls Legacys Hollywood Jac-AMHR/ASPC in 2019.                                  





Sundance LB GQ

Arenosa bred
Van Lo's Supreme Example

Arenosa bred