Breeding for quality miniature horses




We would like to thank all of the great people who have bought miniature horses from us in the last few years.  


HLR GQs Pink Champagne on Ice (Pink)   AMHR/ASPC


Pink will make beautiful mule babies for her new owner.

DTA Impressively Stryking

Thank you Karen.  I am sure he is all you think he will be.  He is such a sweet boy (at times)  LOL  Looking forward to seeing him in the show ring.

Mountain Meadows Juliette        AMHR/ASPC

Thank you Stacy


Ten Ls Legacys Hollywood Jac     AMHR/ASPC

DOB:  2016

I Soooo love this boy but downsizing out of our shetland x

Thank you Jennifer for loving him

Field of Blessing Cowboys Baby Belle       AMHR

DOB: 2016

Thank you Lexi.   Belle, you will have so much love and learn to drive.

DTA Ringers Blue Angel  AMHA/AMHR

DOB:  May 2020

Thank you Kay for giving little Angel a great home.

Maple Hollows Let Freedom Ring x Triple K Jokers Echo of Joy

DTA Jacs Hollywood Glamour Girl  AMHR/ASPC

DOB:  May 2020

Thank you Sarah Sargent.  Glad she can join Moonie and be best friends.

Ten Ls Legacys Hollywood Jac x HLR GQ Pink Champagne on Ice

Bandits Magic Lucy  AMHA/AMHR

DOB:  2010

Thank you Gabby Corscadan and Leslie Babb.

Hoping she is all you want her to be.


Ten LS Spirits Tinkerbell    AMHA/AMHR

Buck Echo granddaughter

Thank You Joan.

Tinkerbell is going to have such a great new life.

DTA JAC'S ACE IN A HOLE       AMHR pending

Thank you Cindy.  Your grandkids (and the neighbor kids) are going to LOVE Ace.


B Springhills Mystiques Sugar Girl

Daughter of Hunt House Farms Medalion (Now in Europe)

Thank you Emily and Dolcey.  Hoping she has an adorable filly for you.

DTA Heart L Comin Thru-AMHR

Sire:  Maple Hollows Let Freedom Ring

Dam:  Heart L GQ Pink Champagne on Ice

Thank you Leah

DTA  Jokers Crescent Moon ?

Sire:  Maple Hollows Let Freedom Ring

Dam:  Triple K BTU Blondie By Joker

Thank you Sarah Sargent for giving Moonie a great home.


DTA Misters Perfect Silver Shadow    AMHA/AMHR 

DOB:  May 19, 2017

Silver Buckskin colt

Sire:  Triple K Jokers MR Perfect

Dam:  WF Pattons So Excited  

Thank you Vicki 

DTA Ringers Painted Warrior    DOB:  May 2, 2017

Sire:  Maple Hollows Let Freedom Ring
Dam:  B Springhills Mistiques Sugar Baby

Will mature small.  Estimated around 31"

Thank you Hillary.  Enjoy him as much as we have.

DTA Bernie's Sheza Sassy Christmas

Thank you Stefanie.  I know she will produce awesome donkey babies for you.

Sire:  Little Kings Shambuca Buckeroo

Dam:  Double Trees Sheza Remarkable Pixie


Little Kings Shambuca Buckeroo

DOB: 2008

Thank you Katie.  We wish you many happy driving times with Bernie.

Double Trees Missys Magic

DOB 2009


Thank you Shelley.  We hope you enjoy her and her foal.

Gypsy Winds Sunday Best

DOB: 2005

Palomino mare.

Thank you Crystal  and we hope she is all you are hoping she is.  Enjoy

DTA Ringing in a New Aira

DOB:  2016

Thank you Walt for giving Aira such an incredible home.  

DTA Painted Elegance

DOB 2015

Palomino pinto filly

Thank you Sabrina.  Good luck in  the show ring in 2017.

DTA Movies Crystal Lite

DOB:  2014

Frame overo filly

Thank you Judy for giving Sugar a great place to live.

Classy Lady


Thank you Mackenzie for giving Classy such a great home.

Good Luck with your dream-Raising miniature horses for use as therapy horses.  So awesome.

Triple Ks Boogies Heavenly Angel- DOB 2003-World Reserve Champion 2 Year Old Mare 29 & Under 

We love you Peanut and are going to miss you soooooo much.

Peanut has found a new home with an awesome family in the Maple Valley, WA area.  She is being used for 4-H and loved by a little girl.  


DT Bernies Lil Red  AMHR

Little Kings Shambuca Buckeroo x HLR GQ Pink Champagne on Ice

DOB:  4/24/15

Little Red has a wonderful home in Spokane, Wa.

Thank you

DTA This Jokes on Me (AMHA/AMHR)

DOB:  3/27/15

Sire:  Triple K Jokers Mister Perfect

Dam:  Ten Ls Spirits Tinkerbell

Thank you Shasta.  May Squirt be all that you hope him to be.

Double Trees Awesome Cinsation

DOB 2011

Sire:  Alliance I'm Cinsational Too (World Champion)

Dam: Gypsy Winds Sunday Best

Blue is an awesome little gelding.  Supreme Champion A- NW Montana Fair 2014

Thank you Mackenzie for giving him a great home with sooooo much love.

Irish Hills Drop Dead Gorgeous


Thank you Sheryl Stewart for giving Georgie a home back where she started from.  Good luck with her and hoping she has an awesome foal sired by Bernie.


Peachy Keens Sugar & Spice Cinnamon


Thank you Ashley & family for giving Cinnamon a great home.

She is a sweet old girl and deserves to be loved.

Little Kings Rumor Has it Buckeroo


Buckeroo daughter

Thank you Annie for giving Rumor a terrific home.

She is going to love the kids.

DT Awesome Dream Boy

DOB  2014

Beautiful smokey cream boy sired by "Blue"

Dam is Triple K Destiny's Just a Dream

Thank you Annie for giving "Dusty" a great home along with Rumor

Triple K Jokers Joyous Echo   AMHA/AMHR   2012

Ravenwoods Medalions No laffin Matter (Joker)


Alamos Buck Echos Feverette

Sold to Marian Ashley .  Hope to see her in the driving ring in 2015

Thank you Christy for supplying these two precious foals a home with your kids.  Hope to see them in the 4-H program in the future.

Lil Man (bay colt belonging to Marian Ashley)  2014  AMHR

Shammi (DT Bernies Magical Shammi) 2014  AMHR/AMHA application

Sire:  Little Kings Shambuca Buckeroo

Dam:  Double Trees Missys Magic

Little Kings BT Crystal Lady    AMHA/AMHR     2004

Thank you Dustin (Rafter DM Miniatures) for giving Crystal Lady a new home.

Double Trees Golden Dream  2013   AMHA/AMHR

Alliance Im Cinsational Too x Triple Ks Destinys Just A Dream

Thank you Molly and Ryan for giving Goldie such a great home. 

Hope you are able to show her.

Double Trees Cinsational Serenade    2013    AMHA/AMHR

Thank you Shana for giving Siri a home with Gracee

Thank you to Hayden and Harli for giving Raftered Hearts Raven Lark a new home.  I hope you enjoy her as much as we have.


Silver is staying in the Flathead Valley and going to be  loved by several grandkids.  Thank you Jeff for purchasing Silver.

DOB   2013


Silver is sired by Alliance Im Cinsational Too and out of Gypsy Winds Sunday Best

Thank you Holly Mendenhall for giving DK a new home.  I hope that Raeder and DK will become the best of friends.  Also hoping that he makes a super show horse for him.

DOB 2013


DK is sired by Triple K Destinys Dakota Attraction and out of Raftered Hearts Ravens Lark.


DK is going to Utah

Thank you Roslynn Percival & Arianne Mendenhall for giving Dixie a new home.  I hope she is all that you hope she is and makes a great little horse for the kids to show.

Her foal from Casper should be a buckskin and maybe a buckskin pinto.


Dixie is going to Washington.

Thank you Stefanie Grubb for giving Casper a new home.  I am positive he will produce gorgeous dilute foals for you as he has for us.  We will miss you Casper.

Triple K Destinys Dakota Attraction   2008  AMHA/AMHR  33 1/2"

Triple K Double Your Destiny    (Alvadars Double Destiny son)


Boones Little Triple K     (BTU daughter)

Double Trees Blue Eyed Surprise (2013)

Triple K Destinys Dakota Attraction


 Peachy Keens Sugar & Spice Cinnamon

Sold to Stefanie Grubb

CAMS Incredible Russian Melody  AMHA/AMHR 

Little Kings White Russian Granddaughter

Perlino mare.

Mel, we are all going to miss you.  Produce those dilute foals for Stefanie. :)


Thank you Stefanie Grubb of Spokane, WA









Just Miss So So is a beautiful buckskin mare.  Dam to CAMS Incredible Russian Melody (above).  She will join Melody at Stefanie Grubb's in Spokane, WA   Thank you Stefanie and we wish you many dilute foals from these "ladies".


Marystown Legacy of Gold has found a new home with Barb Mcdonald of Olympia, WA.  So glad you have found a loving home Legacy.  We will surely miss you.  Have a great baby for Barb.

You are a great looking mamma even after all of your babies.  Maybe not the National Champion that you once were, but still beautiful.


Thank you, Gloria & Bob Van duyne of Kila, MT for giving Tuff & Mighty Mouse such a great loving home.

I hope they are all that you hoped for.

Tuff:  Triple Ks Boogies Triple Buckeroo  sired by a direct son of Boones Little Buckeroo

Mighty Mouse:  Sired by Alliance Im Cinsational Too (World Champion)               Dam:  Marystown Legacy of Gold (2x National Champion mare) 


Thank you, Shan Sides of Utah.  So looking forward to seeing Kylee and Princess next year in the show ring.

They were "made for each other".

Double Trees Princess Buckeroo

Sire:  Triple Ks Boogies Triple Buckeroo

Dam:  Miss So So


Thank you, Eva Olson of Malta, Mt, for giving Echo and Pollyanna a new home.

Good luck with your babies from them.

Thank you to our great friend, Marian Ashley, for giving Indy such a great home.  Can't wait for your future breedings with him.

Sire:  Alliance Im Cinsational Too

Dam:  CAMS Incredible Russian Melody


Thank you Tracy & Nellissa of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. 

We hope that you enjoy our direct daughter of Little Kings Buck Echo as much as we have.  Little Snip is a great little guy and I am sure you will give them both a great home.


Thank You Shana Gillard-Westbrook of Columbia Falls, Mt for giving our little Gracie such a great home.  We are sure going to miss her.

Double Trees Lady Grace

Sire:  Triple Ks Boogies Triple Buckeroo

Dam:  Cedar Coves Lady of Conquest (granddaughter of Alvadars Double Destiny)



Many thanks to Judie Hosie of Dillon, MT for giving our little boys such a great home.

We hope Splash and Sir give you many years of companionship.  What beautiful litttle boys.




Thank you Judy & Kaycee of Lunde Farms, Alberta, Canada

We are hoping that Cinny (Day Hill Senorita Buckeroo) and Truley (Westwind LKB Buckeroo Dream Comtru) will be GREAT additions to your breeding program.  We will be waiting for pictures of their foals.   2011

Ever has found a new home with the Parris' of Coram, MT.  We wish the girls the best of luck with her as their new little horse and in the 4-H program.  This beautiful little horse will give you all a lot of love.  We will be looking forward to seeing you at the fair in 2012.

Sooooo happy that Believin (new name "Hershey") will be helping to spread the "good new" of The Savior.  Believin will be making a trip to North Carolina to make his new home.  He will be introduced into the "Cowboy" Ministry of Brian & Keersti.  Thank you so much for giving Believin a great home.   2011

Party Girl we will miss you greatly.  You were perfect for our breeding program until you seemed to never stop growing and outgrew your AMHA papers.  You have found a new home that will appreciate you as you should be appreciated.  You are beautiful and will produce beautiful babies for Jessie.  Congratulations Jessie.  Party is heading to Oregon. (2011)

We are very pleased to announce that Cedar Coves Lady of Conquest, our gorgeous silver dapple granddaughter of Alvadars Double Destiny is going to be showing once again in the 4-H program. We are really going to miss you, Lady, as we have had you since you were a year old.                     Good luck Anna  (2011)


Suri, Blue Eyes (Comet) and Gidget are also heading to Idaho.  We will miss you all but know you will have a great home.  AND Gidget, you will now have a "job".    2010



Another heading to Idaho.  Thank you for the purchase and we wish you and Rowbuck Lacie By George much luck in the show ring.  We will miss you Lacie.  You are such a friendly filly.  Great Boones Little Buckeroo bloodlines. 2010


Thank you Gina Hauk of Blackfoot, ID for your purchase of Double Trees Smokin Bandit.  We will miss him VERY much.  May your hopes of improving your breeding program with this little gray Egyptian King/Buckeroo/Rowdy stallion come true.  Good luck in the show ring.  2010


Thank you Chere' Canoy of Idaho Falls, Idaho for your purchase of Venturas Bold Beauty and her 2009 filly (Double Trees Little Miss Czar)  Good luck on the show circuit and may you have many wins with them.  They will fit in great to your Buckeroo breeding program.  2010

RSB Sparklin Smoke      Thank you to our VERY good friend Marian Ashley of Hang Em High Ranch/Home of JP Miniatures for purchasing our beautiful granddaughter of Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King.  We will miss you Sparkles but always know we can come see you.        2010


Double Trees Partys Little Angel & Venturas Bold Mandy-Thank you, Lazy Z Miniatures of Cody, Wyoming (2009)


Dakota Spring Breeze & her 09 filly-Double Trees Summer Wind:  Thank you Milly Norman of Vaughn, MT (2009)

Blue Stars Leading With Elegance-Thank you Desert Realm Miniatures-Grand Junction, CO (2009)

July, 2007 DOB

Double Trees Midnight Miracle

Sire:  Clouds Buckeroo (Stouts, Del Teras, Dels Little Man, Sligo breeding)

Dam:  Dakota Spring Breeze

June 15, 2008 DOB

Double Trees Tuffs Cocoa Delight   

Sire:  Triple Ks Boogies Triple Buckeroo

Dam:  Dakota Spring Breeze

Thank you Teresa Phillips of Thompson Falls, MT  for purchasing both little Cocoa and Midnight Miracle.  I am sure you will give them a great home.  (2009) 

Magic Mist Sparklin Ice-Congratulations to Kathy Puceta-Mini Glaciers Ranch of Browning, Montana  on her purchase of Ice.  Good luck on your new adventure. 2008 

DBR Little Lucy Brown-Sold to Christina Stearns of California-2006

Woods Lucys Target-Sold to Marie Smith of Kalispell, Mt-2006

Double Trees Mirror Image-Sold to Kim Gard of Malta, Mt-2006

Sire: Clouds Buckeroo

Dam:  Peachy Keens Sugar & Spice Cinnamon


Clouds Buckeroo-Now owned by Haven Pointe Farm(Wyatt & Shanale Sides)-Utah  We are so glad that Bug has such a great home.  We hope you enjoy him as much as we have.


Little Bay Bug-Sold to Tara Brandon & Stuart Swanson of Havre, Mt-2007

Sire:  Clouds Buckeroo

Dam:  Peachy Keens Sugar & Spice Cinnamon

Cams April Breeze-Sold to Ken & April Broster of Prince George, BC-2007

Sire:  Steihls Handsome Dude

Dam:  Dakota Spring Breeze

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